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Edouard J. Serre

As a National Account Manager, my role is to represent my client and their needs within my company. I am dedicated to one large account, and I am their first point of contact from a commercial standpoint. I love this client interaction, as it requires me to use my emotional intelligence as well as my technical understanding to link the various departments, both within Amcor and between Amcor and my client. Dealing with the procurement department or engaging the engineering department requires different methods than interacting with the marketing department, and I love this plurality in my role. Internally, I am also responsible for managing my account, driving profitability, and ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition to being a NAM, I am part of Amcor’s competitive Commercial Leadership Development Program (CLDP).

I chose to join Amcor because of their CLDP, the career opportunities it presents, and because of the terrific people who work there. I am part of a team that is absolutely awesome, and part of a company that is dedicated to lead its industry.

Job Title: National Account Manager
Company: Amcor
College: Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business, MBA, Durham, NC

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