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Amy Gill

My job is exciting and challenging every single day!  We have a big mission at Bizdom--to launch innovative, growth oriented businesses in the City of Detroit along with creating a lot of new and exciting jobs, and we only have four months to do it in!  Each year, we work with about 15 - 20 entrepreneurs to take them from business concept, to pitch and launch in 4 months. Once they pitch, they launch their business in our incubator and continue to receive ongoing consulting and support from us as they grow and expand.  We are bringing exciting businesses to the City in areas like e-commerce, medical and accounting software, interactive and online training and more.  

It's my responsibility to design our training so that it is timely and relevant as it relates to where the entrepreneurs are in their business development.  I find experts in areas like research, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. to find out what an entrepreneur really needs to know, then I design engaging and interactive training around it, while also providing consulting and feedback to our entrepreneurs as they apply the training to their business.  Itís a dream job because I'm learning every day and I'm surrounded by an exceptional team, new ideas, creative people and exciting opportunities, all while making a difference in the city that I love. 

Job Title: Curriculum Specialist
Company: Bizdom U
College: Michigan State University, Bachelors of Arts, Anthropology, East Lansing, MI

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