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Dearborn's Arab American National Museum to sponsor culinary tours of Eastern Market

This fall, grab a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine (and its ingredients) at Detroit's Eastern Market. 


"The YallaEat! Culinary Walking Tours kick off Tuesday and will be held on selected Tuesdays and Saturdays in September and October. "Yalla" means "let's go" in Arabic.

Organizers say the goal of the free, guided tours is to share the story of Arab Americans in the Detroit area. Participants will visit Middle Eastern businesses that are family-run and founded by immigrants — while snagging some free samples and shopping."

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LevelEleven founder tells Forbes why he keeps his start-up in Detroit

Detroit start-up LevelEleven, which could conceivably have gone anywhere else but Detroit, has stayed rooted in the area. Here's why.


"By the time my company LevelEleven launched last fall after being incubated within Pleasant Ridge’s ePrize, I had already planned our business strategy and next steps. And it never crossed my mind to move out of Detroit to build LevelEleven in a more obvious startup market. Why? In part, because this is home. But Detroit also has many characteristics that make it a great place to launch a technology startup."

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We all deserve a little bit of yoga

Who says you have to run a marathon to feel good ( and do good) ? Try a Yogathon instead.

On Sunday, September 1, the Yoga By Design Foundation will host an all-day Yogathon at Karma Yoga in Bloomfield Hills. Additional classes will be held that same weekend at Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester Hills, Be Nice Yoga in Detroit, House of Yoga in Berkley and Shine On Yoga in Ferndale.

All fees will go to the foundation, which funds yoga programs for underserved populations. Classes start at  6:30 a.m.  and continue back-to-back until  6 p.m.  A $20 donation per class minimum is requested; participants can pre-register or drop in.

Click here for more information, or contact Lynn Medow at ybdfoundation@gmail.com, or 248.939.1367.

Bye Bye Brooklyn, Hello Detroit

Business-minded couples getting squeezed out of Brooklyn are taking the combo of affordable rents and the supportive arts-minded communities of Detroit and its close-in city cousins.


When Sandi Bache Heaselgrave and Andy Heaselgrave made the well-worn migration from New York City to Detroit, they didn't realize they'd be starting a trend...

But when the couple, who worked in the photography industry, decided to leave in 2010, they were the first of what would become six couples (and counting) relocating from the tiny enclave of Red Hook, Brooklyn, with entrepreneurial pursuits in mind....

So when Ann St. Peter, owner of  Pinwheel Bakery,  offered to let them open in the front half of her shop in Ferndale, the couple jumped. Bache Heaselgrave had planned to sell Pinwheel pastries anyway. 

She spent $35,000 renovating the space, buying her equipment and giving the shop an airy feel. She also took over responsibility for sales so St. Peter could focus on pastries instead of running a retail location. Bache Heaselgrave increased prices and improved the coffee, becoming the only café in the Detroit area to sell Portland, Ore.-based  Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

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Celeb chef Anthony Bourdain gets a taste of Metro Detroit dining

Here's food for thought: The Eater Detroit website reports that celeb chef Anthony Bourdain was allegedly checking out Metro Detroit's top tables this past weekend.


"Either celebrity chef / wayward TV personality  Anthony Bourdain  really did come to Detroit this weekend, or he's engaged in an elaborate form of social media tomfoolery.  Just kidding – he was here.

It's been a vaguely confirmed fact that the former Travel Channel (now CNN) host would be visiting the Motor City while filming the second season of his show,  Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown...

Though Bourdain continued to play social media maven throughout the weekend, tweeting at popular local chefs like Birmingham's  Brian Polcyn  and complimenting Michael Symon of Roast, the only point of food consumption that Eater can confirm is based on those same tweets."

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'Transformers 4' film shooting underway in Metro Detroit

This summer, Detroit and Pontiac are transforming into a set for big-budget action. 


"Let the Transformers 4 action begin.

The Michael Bay-directed film is clearly making its presence felt in Detroit and other Michigan cities and has led to some interesting videos and reports online.

If you want to catch some of the action in Detroit, check out the small town for the film that appears to be  under construction at Washington Boulevard at Clifford Street...

A bulk of the film is expected to be shot at  Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac."

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Comerica Park ranks in top 20 Major League Stadiums

USA Today takes note of BaseballParks.com's ranking of Comerica Park on its hit list of the nation's Major League ballparks.


"Like Tiger Stadium, Comerica achieves an intimacy that would seem to be difficult to pull off in a facility with 41,255 seats. Sightlines are excellent, and a center-field fountain and statues of all-time greats such as Ty Cobb, Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline add to the appeal.

This is one 360-degree concourse you must walk. Don't miss the statue of beloved broadcaster Ernie Harwell near the main entrance.

Your kids will be drawn to the Big Cat carousel featuring, of course, tigers. It's behind the first-base stands. Behind third base is the popular Fly Ball Ferris Wheel."

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Help Wanted: NY Times sees tech workers moving to Detroit

West coasties are coming to Detroit, on the heels of a tech-hiring boomlet in the auto industry.


"After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1998, Brian Mulloy followed the path of many of his classmates, fleeing his home state for a job in a bustling city. But after 10 years of working in technology start-ups in San Francisco, he has returned as founder of a company in Detroit’s budding technology sector..

Mr. Mulloy is part of a group of workers that Detroit is suddenly hungry for — software developers and information technology specialists who can create applications for the next generation of connected vehicles."

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Iron Chef Michael Symon finds Detroit hits the spot for eateries

Iron Chef Michael Symon decided Detroit had what it took to be a culinary destination when he opened Roast in 2008 at the Westin Book Cadillac. Crain's chats with Symon about winning the best burger in America title three years in a row and what other famous chefs say about the Motor City. 
"What are you hearing about Detroit from your peers? 
Some of my chef friends make fun of me because my restaurants are in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit. 
But when we have success in those cities, there is always an interest. They wonder how you can be successful outside of New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. 
I think in the restaurant world, it takes time to change people's perspectives. Chefs that I bring to Roast are always amazed that Detroit is so different than what is shown in the news."
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Microsoft and Detroit challenges compared

There's an interesting comparison of how Microsoft's and Detroit's fortunes have faded. Too bad there isn't any insight on how either might rise to prominence again or what these former global giants are doing right or wrong to reverse course.
"In recent weeks we have seen two developments that, to us, capture the shifting nature of all competitive advantages.
Microsoft (MSFT), which rode to tech dominance in the 1980s and 1990s on the back of its wildly successful Windows operating system and Office suite for productivity software, is working on a comprehensive restructuring to streamline the company.

Detroit released a restructuring proposal laying out the dire financial condition of the city, and the concessions creditors will be asked to take."
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Cinetopia International Film Festival to premiere at Detroit Film Theatre

Some new feature-length films will make their North American or Michigan debuts at Cinetopia, a festival showing of over 40 such films culled from the world's most prestigious festivals. The shindig runs from June 6-9. Check it out the Detroit Film Theatre or in Ann Arbor at the Michigan Theater, State Theater, and the University of Michigan's Angell Hall.

Tickets and more info here.

Detroit's Lafayette Coney Island is among America's hot dog gods

With Memorial Day upon us and baseball in full swing, USA Today scouted the country for America's best hot dogs and found a winner in Detroit!


"Greek immigrants in Michigan concocted a cinnamon-rich beef chili that came to be known as Coney sauce, but it has nothing to do with Coney Island, while 'michigans' are big in Upstate New York but have nothing to do with the state."

Of Lafayette Coney Island, USA Today says: "The hot dog has a juicy, salty, smoky snap, the Coney sauce is spot-on, and the fries are crispy, but it's the experience that puts it over the top in our book..."

More here.

Laundry entrepreneurs think outside the box

With not enough hours to get to the laundry, apartment dwellers and office workers in Detroit (and soon its metros) won't be left hung out to dry.


"Michigan's own laundry barons Wayne Wudyka and Jeffrey Snyder want to place rows of high-tech lockers inside every downtown Detroit apartment building and office complex.

These computerized and smartphone-enabled lockers – call them Bizzie boxes – are the pick-up and drop-off sites for the longtime business partners' latest venture in dry cleaning and laundry services. The target user: tech-savvy urban dwellers and busy office professionals.

"Our plan is to locate the Bizzie box in every apartment complex in the downtown area and then work our way out into the suburbs," Wudyka said in a recent interview."

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Metro Detroit ranks 14th nationally in percentage job growth

In a good comeback story, Metro Detroit is no. 14 in the country in terms of percentage job growth from 2011 to 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Post-industrial? Detroit needs a new word

Detroit's economy is facing forward. Now it just needs some new verbiage.


"Former heavy manufacturing hubs around the Great Lakes like Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee often get roped together under the heading of "post-industrial" (when, that is, we're not otherwise identifying them by their prevalence of rust). The term poses at least two problems, though: Industry still exists in many of these places, and the very notion of defining them by their relationship to the past can hamstring us from planning more thoughtfully for their future.

"You've got the 'post-war,' you've got 'post-modern,' you've got 'post-9/11,'" says Paul Kapp, an associate professor in the school of architecture at the University of Illinois and an editor of the book SynergiCity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City. He was speaking Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Planning Association (hosted in what's often considered the post-industrial city of Chicago). "You get to a point," Kapp says, "where you've got to say, 'When does post-something end and you do something new?' I think with 'post-industrial,' we're at that opportunity now. I think it's now time to come up with a new term."

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