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XFX Studio brings mobile, web work to downtown Mt. Clemens

XFX Studio Web Development's specialty is a bit of a conundrum. The downtown Mt. Clemens-based firm's focus is on graphically rich websites and applications, but its secret sauce is making these websites functional and interactive.

"That way it becomes a functional part of the business instead of just an informational piece," says Dan Wimpari, president of XFX Studio Web Development. He co-founded the company with Jeremy Giannosa. "The functionality has become our bread and butter."

The 10-year-old firm has grown to four employees and a few independent contractors, primarily working on software for the Internet. It merged with Web Solutions in 2008, another Web development firm. Today XFX Studio Web Development is working on a lot of custom mobile applications for other businesses.

One of its largest projects is creating an iPad app for a large heating-and-cooling company. The app would digitize the paperwork for the firm, making information more readily accessible and eliminating the triplicate of paperwork that it normally produces on calls today.

"It's not just the glamorous public side," Wimpari says. "We help companies do what they need to do on the Web."

Source: Dan Wimpari, president of XFX Studio Web Development
Writer: Jon Zemke

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