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JEMS Technology hires 3 as it focuses on video service

Kevin Lasser has a short elevator pitch for his company, JEMS Technology. His Lake Orion-based company is the only one that offers real-time stream video for smart devices.

JEMS Technology specializes in encrypted real-time video to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. The technology is meant for health-care providers looking to conform to federal laws through remote live video.

"We are the only company in the world that does this," Lasser says.

Lasser, the former CEO of Encryption Security Solutions and Pure Entropy Technologies, was approached by an AT&T executive with the idea for the company two years ago. AT&T is now one of JEMS Technology's biggest customers in a client pool that is growing.

Sales for the 2-year-old firm are up 100 percent in the last year, allowing it to hire three new people. The company now employs about 10 people and large stable of independent contractors. Lasser says his company tries to outsource as much of its work to Michigan-based companies to keep the job growth as homegrown as possible.

Source: Kevin Lasser, CEO of JEMS Technology
Writer: Jon Zemke

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