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ELM Analytics aims to become auto supplier data bank

Tor Hough, Robert Justin and Gary Morin are building a start-up, ELM Analytics, based partly on the region's old economy (automotive suppliers) and mixing it with the new economy (information gathering and management).

The Rochester-based company is gathering and organizing pertinent information on more than 20,000 automotive supplier plants. That information includes everything from part processes and material lists for individual factories to which ones are corporate-owned and which are independent. The idea is to offer an information service so automotive executives can make more informed business decisions.

"Decisions in the automotive industry tend to get made from a strategy standpoint using more intuition than facts," says Hough. "We want to be the go-to resources for supplier data in the automotive industry."

ELM Analytics' founder have years of experience in supply chain data management, prompting them to buy the useful assets of ELM International last December. Since then they have been overhauling the back-end technology and gathering more data with an eye for launching their service this summer.

Source: Tor Hough and Gary Morin, co-founders of ELM Analytics
Writer: Jon Zemke

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