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From Blogs To Bucks

Everyone and their granny has a blog. But how many web-based wordsmiths know how to earn a buck for their efforts? From blog-based record labels to Internet journalists to movie deals for embarrassing text messages, some Metro Detroit bloggers are turning their passions into paychecks.

Ypsi's Marionette About Town: Mark Maynard

What Mark Maynard does from 9-5 is important but not nearly as interesting as what he does the other 16 hours a day (beside sleep). From The Shadow Art Fair to a popular blog to planning a bike-powered film fest to a local talk show that features a puppet stand-in, Maynard personifies Ypsilanti's do-it-yourself creativity.

Could Film Be Michigan's Gold Rush? A Q&A with Harvey Ovshinsky

"It's in our DNA to do amazing things," says Harvey Ovshinsky. Metromode's Jon Zemke sits down with the veteran video producer and screenwriter to talk about Michigan's Film Incentives and their potential impact on the state's investment opportunities, job growth, and brain drain.

Know Y: Young and Entrepreneurial (a.k.a Doin' Stuff)

Throw a stone in the air in Ann Arbor and if you miss a student or professor you're bound to bruise an entrepreneur. Writer Kate Rose decided to seek out a few of the city's young start-up types to better understand what drives them to succeed and how they turned obstacles into opportunities.

Y Arts Brings Filmmaking To Metro Detroit Youth

Michigan's blossoming film industry is expanding its reach in ways no one imagined. Case in point: Metro Detroit's Y Arts Program, which teaches at-risk youth media arts and skills while helping to build the next generation of local creative talent.

Solid Dudes In The Kitchen

Welcome to the Bro-tisserie. It was only a matter of time before Millennials put their profane stamp on the whole cooking show craze. Meet Dave Graw and Derek Swanson, Metro Detroit's potty-mouthed answer to Ted Allen and Alton Brown. Could these web series upstarts be the answer to culinary GenX'ers and food-obsessed Boomers? Adult supervision suggested.

Model D TV: Film Friendlier Detroit

Not just actors, but florists, caterers, hotels and more are cashing in on the mitten state's movie boom. Hear more about it from a recent forum in Detroit that brought Wayne County leaders together to learn about how to make our region more film friendly.
7 Articles | Page:
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