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Max Nussenbaum-abs

OpEd: The city needs to help Detroiters finance home restorations

The city of Detroit is encouraging the rehabbing of delinquent homes through initiatives such as Neighbors Wanted, but funds are limited and the work timeframe too short. Detroit landlord and Castle CEO Max Nussenbaum offers up more realistic financing ideas.  

Leila Matta Art Programs Manager at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, sits in a piece of functional art that is on display in the company’s headquarters lobby. All of the art shown here is on loan from students and graduates of Cranbrook Academy of A

An Inspired Workplace

You might find financial services and art culture strange bedfellows, but at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in Farmington Hills it is de rigueur. MBF workers aren't only inspired and challenged by their art gallery-like surroundings, they are encouraged to become active participants in Metro Detroit's arts community.


Straight Talk with Benzinga's Jason Raznick

Capturing the news is one thing. Connecting what's going on with how investors can react to it is something else. Jason Raznick's Benzinga has carved out a successful niche in Metro Detroit's start-up culture and, like his business, the CEO isn't afraid to call things as he sees them.

The Young & Entrepreneurial: A Q&A with Jon Citrin

Jon Citrin is not your everyday ordinary financial services guy. The 33-year-old entrepreneur has a distinctly next generation view of business that has grown his Birmingham-based office into a firm to watch. Metromode's Jon Zemke gets Citrin's opinions on building a business, creating successful internships, locating downtown, and evaluating Mick Jagger's economic acumen.

A New Business Genre For Michigan

Only 18 months old, the state's film production tax incentive has begun to redefine start-up culture in SE Michigan. Beyond the hit-and-run productions that breeze in and out of the region, a real industry is starting to take root. Metromode sits down with Genre Film Partners, a company intending to shoot 8-10 movies here over the next four years.

Detroit Prints Its Own Currency

A new currency is making the rounds in Detroit businesses. It's called "Cheers".  And it's the ultimate commitment to buying local. Meet the businessmen behind the idea and learn how they hope to stimulate both spending and morale.

It's Not Easy Being Green

The economy is struggling. Real estate is in a spiral. How do you make the case for green building when businesses are just trying to survive? And what about those who want to go green but can't quite reach LEED standards? Is there any consideration for their eco-friendly choices? Metromode looks at how the future of sustainability is coping with the challenges of today.

Tech Banking In SE Michigan

New economy start-ups need banks that offer new economy know-how. Enter Bank of Ann Arbor's Technology Industry Group, the only program of its kind in Michigan. Modeled after the ground-breaking Silicon Valley Bank, it supports local emerging technologies and entrepreneurs in ways corporate banking giants can't.

Double Lives: Chris Rizik

Wunderkind Chris Rizik gives new meaning to the word, "multitasking." From his simultaneous careers as an entrepreneur and financier to the writer and publisher of the most popular soul music website in the country, this Ann Arborite's life has hit one high note after another.

Finding Balance: Work Vs. Life

Balancing family life with work ambitions can be tricky, especially for women. Some Metro Detroit companies are recognizing that in order to attract and keep the best talent it pays to be innovative when it comes to work-life issues.

Building the Third Coast

Venture capital long has been the province of the Silicon Valley and Boston-area firms. It helps create fertile ground for entrepreneurs — just the folks who hold the keys to Michigan's economy in the long-run.
11 Articles | Page:
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