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Dearborn's Carhartt takes their rugged brand to a worldwide audience

For 125 years Carhartt has made clothing for blue collar professionals, developing a strong reputation for reliability and durability - features the fashion industry has rarely celebrated. But with a growing appreciation for craftsmanship - particularly among millennials - the  Dearborn-based company has found a new and enthusiastic audience.


Edmund Lewis: Doing Good, Looking Good

There's been a lot of discussion about the fates and fashions of young African American males. For Edmund Lewis, however, the topic has been his life focus. Only 27 years old, he has found a way to connect a masters degreee in social work, a fashion consulting business, and his mentorship non-profit, Minority Males for Higher Education, into an impressive campaign for change.


Craftwork: Pursuing Passion To Make Things By Hand

Blame it on the recession or chalk it up to a growing subculture of people who prefer vinyl records to MP3s, but the trend toward creative entrepreneurship is real and rising. With a growing appreciation for authenticity, usually in the form of a handmade object with pedigree or a good story, folks have traded in their "day jobs" to pursue their passion for making things by hand.


Mount Clemens Takes All Kinds

Diane Kubik could be a poster child for urban advocates. Six years ago she moved from the sprawl of the suburbs to open Max And Ollie's in downtown Mt Clemens, just six blocks from her new home. Since then, much happiness has ensued. Not only has her shop found success, she's become an enthusiastic booster in her community - part of the reason the 'Clem is making a name for itself.


Montee Holland: Building a Fashion Empire from Metro Detroit

When most people think about the fashion industry they think New York, Milan, Paris and, inevitably, women. Montee Holland is changing that mindset with his successful men's fashion line and a company that calls Metro Detroit home.


Dearborn Gets Brightly Twisted

Quick, what's a product that's made in Dearborn, sold all across the U.S. and born from Michigan entrepreneurial spirit? Oh, and it has nothing to do with the auto industry. The answer is: scarves. But not only scarves. Dearborn's Brightly Twisted is a fast growing fashion company that's got plans as bold as its colors.


From Scratch: World Clothes Line

Lots of people love to travel, but few take the time to engage with the cultures they encounter. While hiking in places like Indonesia and Peru, Mallory Brown noticed that people were desperate for clothing. In the act of literally giving them the clothes off her back she stumbled upon an idea: World Clothes Line -- a philanthropic business that provides new clothes to those in need.


Rust Belt Market

From big box to big ideas. Ferndale's Rust Belt Market is an artist and craft fair, DIY marketplace, and music festival all rolled into one. And it happens day in and day out in a space that formerly housed an Old Navy.


From Scratch: Maggie May Swimwear

Maybe it's the vast expanse of Michigan's beachfront property. Or maybe it was just winters of wishful thinking. Either way, fashion designer Magdalena Trever decided to launch a swimwear line in the Mitten. Now, her eye-catching knit bikinis are getting gobs of attention.

Motor City Denim

If you're looking for proof that Metro Detroit's economy is in a period of evolution, take a gander at Motor City Denim - a partnership between an old school auto industry supplier and new school fashion designer. The brainchild of Joe Faris (of Project Runway fame) and TD Industrial Coverings, this all-local enterprise is a declaration of and commitment to Metro Detroit's resiliency.

Detroit Fashion: State of the Art?

When New York fashionistas ask designer Katerina Bocci why she's in Michigan, her reply is: "We are able to make beautiful cars... so why aren't we able to make fashion?" How true! Metromode gets the skinny on Metro Detroit's budding fashion industry - what's here, where it's going, and what it needs.

Metro Detroit's Homeprenuers

As scary as the economy is, some smart and creative people are laughing in the face of fear and launching their own businesses from home. Meet three people who've created enormously cool jobs for themselves.

Photo Essay: Detroit Fashion Week

Haute child in the city! Metro D proves that fashion isn't solely the province of the coasts. Detroit Fashion Week celebrated local couture with stalwarts like Made In Detroit and Carhartt while impressing fashionistas with upstarts like Ferndale's Femilia. Marvin Shaouni got a a backstage pass to photograph the event and chat with well-dressed native son Joe Faris.

A Secondhand Economy

Barter is back, resale has embraced upscale, and salvage goes green as Metro Detroit tightens its belt and widens its consumer options. Local businesses are successfully leveraging the Internet and up-to-the-minute trends to revive old tyme economic practices.

From Scratch: Oliebollen

"No, that bib doesn't come in scotch plaid." Fashionable kids clothes really are out there--and Oliebollen, an Ann Arbor online store, helps sartorial young parents find them all in one place.
19 Articles | Page: | Show All
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