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2010: A Year of Entrepreneurship And Innovation

If anyone doubts that Metro Detroit is a hotbed of invention, entrepreneurship and creative thinking they just haven't been paying attention. Metromode once again unearthed a treasure trove of people, companies and communities that are evolving our sense of place, building our new economy, and promoting innovation at every turn. As we ring out the year we look back at a baker's dozen of stories that inspired us!

Beer Is Fun! Q&A with entrepreneur Mike Plesz

Beer here now! If anyone knows the meaning of those word it's Mike Plesz. The serial brewpreneur has been launching local microbrew pubs since 1994. His latest endeavor --Rochester's Mind Body & Spirits-- is a successful sustainability-oriented restaurant. Plesz talks with Metromode about beer, local food production, green practices, and more beer. Bottoms up!

Metro Detroit's Pitmasters

To some it's cheap comfort food. To others, a highly nuanced cultural cuisine. Either way barbecue has become the go-to dining trend in Metro D. Whether it's Texas, Carolina, or Louisiana-style, local fans are passionate about their pit, rub, and sauce preferences.

From Blogs To Bucks

Everyone and their granny has a blog. But how many web-based wordsmiths know how to earn a buck for their efforts? From blog-based record labels to Internet journalists to movie deals for embarrassing text messages, some Metro Detroit bloggers are turning their passions into paychecks.

Metro Detroit DJs: From A - Z

Whether you're a techno veteran or a newbie, it's hard not to notice Detroit's notoriety for beat-matching talent. But how to encapsulate a music scene that we export all over the world? Metromode offers an A-Z primer for those who are looking to wrap their heads around the sounds that make us spin round.

Concentrate Speaker Series: A Shadow Art Community

Ypsilanti has developed a rep for being the place for local artists and do-it-yourself creatives. The Shadow Art Fair has played no small part in making this happen. Concentrate's Speaker Series has invited the organizers --members of the Michigan Design Militia-- to talk about their experiences and what their success means for our region's future. Sign up now for this November 10th event!

Welcome To Halloweentown

From Berkley to Romeo to Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit is all about All Hallow's Eve. And we're not talking about the commercial scare factories and creepy corn mazes that dot SE Michigan's landscape. These are homegrown, neighborhood efforts that turn quiet residential streets into a free-to-see Halloween hullabaloo.

Zingerman's Seeds Entrepreneurship

It's no surprise that Zingerman's breeds a love of food in its staff, but entrepreneurship? Julianne Mattera talks to a trio of former employees who have taken what they've learned from Ann Arbor's beloved deli and turned it into successful businesses across the country.

Metro Detroit By the Book

University presses have found a unique niche in the publishing world, producing books by local writers with a decidedly local focus. Dennis Archambault looks at how Wayne State and U-M are evolving their imprints in the age of shrinking higher ed funding and digital innovation.

Sign Up For Concentrate's Speaker Series Event: Why Public Art Matters

Whether it's inspiring community conversation, helping to establish a sense of place, or fueling economic development, Marc Folk believes that public art matters. As executive director of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, he oversees the oldest Percent For The Arts program east of the Mississippi. Marc will be talking about why public art is a wise investment and taking your questions at Concentrate's next Speaker Series event - Thursday, August 5th.

Metro Detroit Needs More Disruptive Thinking

"Game changing technologies". "Thinking outside the box". "Bucking the status quo". Business is big on innovative jargon, but what does it really take to remake the economic landscape? Whether it was the automobile a hundred years ago or last year's iPad, disruptive thinking is more than just risk-taking entrepreneurship, it's the business of course-altering creation. And the financial impacts are staggering.

Generational Sounds: Rock Icon Ivan Kral Listens To Metro Detroit

He penned Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot," played with Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Blondie, and thinks Metro Detroit is the perfect place for him to write his music. Rock icon Ivan Kral chats about the region's rock scene, reminisces about the past, and previews his newly remastered punk rock documentary, The Blank Generation.

When Slow Growth Means Smart Growth

For most companies the mantra is: grow big and grow fast. Of course, given the current economy, any growth would be a blessing. But what if slow growth were the long term strategy? With a focus on work/life issues, purpose, and entrepreneurial pride, some Metro Detroit firms have consciously decided they'd rather be the tortoise than the hare.

Hungry For Success

Metro Detroit's young gun restaurateurs are thriving in an otherwise tough economy. Balancing style, location, and affordability, they've created popular eateries that cater to hip and enthusiastic crowds.

A Microbrew By Any Other Name...

What's in a name? When it comes to Metro Detroit microbrews a whole heckuva lot. From Bam Biere to Ghettoblaster, Luciernaga to Final Absolution, Melinda Clynes gets the skinny on where the names and wonderful beer labels come from for some of our favorite local libations.
190 Articles | Page: | Show All
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