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The New Adventure Park-West Bloomfield
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From Inmates To Infants: An Entrepreneur Finds His Niches

Ryan Santangelo is what folks in the biz call a serial entrepreneur. First he launched the firm Dynamic Media. Then Secure Media Systems. His latest effort is SafeToSleep, which is bringing infant monitoring into the new millennium. And all three businesses are thriving in Sterling Heights, a place he calls the Silicon Valley of Michigan.

FilterD: October 18 - 24

The Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival features bands on porches, a studio crawl and a chance to navigate the streets of arguably Michigan's most walkable city on foot. Get all the details inside FilterD.

Yessian: Making Music You Can't Get Out Of Your Head

From jingles to mash-ups, family-owned Yessian Music in Farmington Hills has been creating soundtracks for commercials, theme parks, movies, and high profile events for 40 years. This year's Super Bowl, which boasted five different ads with their work, demonstrates the ever-growing global reach of this homegrown firm.

Welcome To Speedcult

From metal culture to metal creations, Speedcult brings together a trifecta of Detroit values: do-it-yourself ingenuity, risky engineering, and a need for speed. Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg watches (and imbibes) as National Geographic shoots an episode of Mad Scientists in the team's backyard "abusement park".

Double Lives: Ben Sharkey

Ben Sharkey leads a truly 3D life. A designer at visualization tech firm Real Time Technology, he moonlights as a  honey-smooth jazz vocalist. Okay, so he sings on the side, you say. Still, how many part time jazz singers do you know that boast YouTube fans in the hundreds of thousands?

Get Cultured On Us: A DSO Ticket Giveaway

What would the summer be without outdoor concerts and fireworks? We're giving away tickets to a DSO concert at the Ford House. Jazz or classical, the winner gets to choose. Sign up inside!

Electronic Soul: A Q&A with Jason Huvaere of Paxahau

There's little doubt about Metro Detroit's place in music history. We are a bottomless cauldron of rock n roll innovation and invention. And Movement is part of that...er, well, movement. Metromode chats with producer Jason Huvaere about electronic music's role in that legacy and the business of making it part of our region's future.

Want To Attend Movement? We're Giving Away Tickets

Five stages. A hundred techno and electronic music artists. Crowds that swell to nearly 100,000. A whole lotta sweat. The Movement Festival hits Detroit May 28-30th and we want you to be there! Find out how inside.

The Accidental Restaurateur

From a short-lived deal with Mercury Records to an ancho BBQ burrito locals crave, Steve Zuccaro is not your everyday average Metro Detroit success story. After a teenage stint as a dishwasher, the Grosse Pointe rocker vowed to never work in a restaurant again. Today he owns three popular eateries.

From Blogs To Bucks

Everyone and their granny has a blog. But how many web-based wordsmiths know how to earn a buck for their efforts? From blog-based record labels to Internet journalists to movie deals for embarrassing text messages, some Metro Detroit bloggers are turning their passions into paychecks.

Metro Detroit DJs: From A - Z

Whether you're a techno veteran or a newbie, it's hard not to notice Detroit's notoriety for beat-matching talent. But how to encapsulate a music scene that we export all over the world? Metromode offers an A-Z primer for those who are looking to wrap their heads around the sounds that make us spin round.

A-Haunting We Will Go

Metro Detroit does Halloween right, but how about you? Metromode offers up an extended installment of FilterD, pointing you to the best in outre spookiness and insider ghoulishness for All Hallow's weekend. Read on, go out, have fun... if you dare!

Patrons Of The Scene

To establish a successful creative scene you need a critical mass of topnotch artists and performers, a dedicated local audience and savvy event promoters. Metro Detroit's got plenty of the first but struggles to effectively attract the second because there are only a few of the third. Or so says Walter Wasacz, FilterD's editor and Metromode's cultural connoisseur.

The Vinyl Truth

Metro Detroit's indie rock labels aren't after gold and glory (though both would be nice). They're pressing vinyl, booking shows, and producing CDs because the local music community is what sustains and inspires them. This is lo-fi entrepreneurship with heart, a real rock effort to seed the ground with Motown's next generation of bands.

Generational Sounds: Rock Icon Ivan Kral Listens To Metro Detroit

He penned Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot," played with Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Blondie, and thinks Metro Detroit is the perfect place for him to write his music. Rock icon Ivan Kral chats about the region's rock scene, reminisces about the past, and previews his newly remastered punk rock documentary, The Blank Generation.
43 Articles | Page: | Show All
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