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New Detroit loft development green and modern

Looking like it sprung from the pages of Dwell, the Garden Lofts planned for Detroit's East Grand Boulevard employs striking design aesthetics and green building principles.


The Grand Boulevard Garden Lofts will take a more modern approach than many other Detroit loft developments. They will be modularly constructed, with each panel built in a controlled environment and insulated to double that of typical new residential construction.

Another "green" element is the collection of rain water run-off in a cistern that will be used to flush toilets and provide landscape irrigation. Furthermore, the roofing material is a membrane that is impervious to water and air filtration which will help direct run-off to the cistern located between the two buildings. [Architect Keith] Phillips says that these environmentally-conscious elements will result in a slightly higher initial cost, but they should end up saving the purchasers money in the long run.

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