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Downtown Birmingham sets up indoor and outdoor wireless hot spots

Birmingham has a new amenity to add to its reasons to live or work in the city: free wi-fi at several city buildings and at Shain Park downtown.

Besides the park, wi-fi access for the public was connected last week at City Hall, the Department of Public Services, and at the Birmingham Ice Sports Arena.

"It was relatively inexpensive and it makes the park more usable," says Christian Wuerth, assistant to the city manager. "The city offices where there's wi-fi are places for public meetings. Internally, it helps people when they have a presentation to make."

Additionally, city boards and commissions that meet at the office will have easier, quicker access to information.

As for a lifestyle amenity, Wuerth says summer will tell if downtown employees and visitors warm up to the hot spot in Shain Park.

"If it's a nice day, it gives people the option to sit outside in the sun, in the shade, maybe have lunch, do a little work."

Source: Chrisitan Wuerth, assistant to the city manager
Writer: Kim North Shine
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