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Brick's of Northville hires full-time staff, more jobs to come

Brick's of Northville is finding that the draw of live entertainment, a patio and stepped-up bar food is a good recipe for this restaurant business.

Bryan Regner, an investor in Brick's, says of the 50 or so employees on the payroll, several are full-time and more are being hired. In the last six months at least three part-time employees, including a manager and a chef, have been hired.

Brick's, with its 5,000 square feet of space, room for 260 customers inside, 50 seats on the patio and 42 at the bar, is in concept a sports entertainment bar, but is it the live music that has drawn the crowds - even with 10, 50-inch plasma TVs and two, 10-foot-tall, high-definition screens.

"There's really nothing else like this in Northville or Plymouth for that matter," Regner says. "And with the patio, there will be a dramatic change when there's nice weather. People will wait an hour so to eat outside."

Part of the attraction, he says, is the patio's choice view of downtown Northville's festivals and specials events on Main Street.

Source: Bryan Regner, owner/investor Brick's Northville
Writer: Kim North Shine
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