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The Rouge River-Dearborn
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Rouge River recovery? 5 tough questions with Aimee LaLonde-Norman

Four decades ago the Rouge Rover was so polluted it caught fire. Today, it's better but far from okay. What recovery there's been can be attributed to efforts of The Friends of the Rouge River and its volunteers. But with just five staff members and the recent loss of federal dollars, we asked the organization's executive director Aimee LaLonde-Norman what comes next.

Powering the Mitten: As coal plants shut down, where will our electricity come from?

Michigan's aging coal-fired power plants are reaching the end of their life, and new regulations are accelerating timelines for their retirement. So how will Michiganders power their laptops, devices, homes and businesses in the future?

OpEd: The city needs to help Detroiters finance home restorations

The city of Detroit is encouraging the rehabbing of delinquent homes through initiatives such as Neighbors Wanted, but funds are limited and the work timeframe too short. Detroit landlord and Castle CEO Max Nussenbaum offers up more realistic financing ideas.  

Want to get people back to work? Fill the basic skills gap

Low-income workers like Tawnee McCluskey often lack the basic skills needed to find a good job. To bridge the gap, experts say it's essential to invest in training. Yet despite millions of people out of work, programs are hard to find.

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